Monday, September 23, 2019

Post #859

Are things starting to roll on its wheels? The beginnings of my twenties were spent improving and correcting my mistakes. In my mids of the 20s, I thought I was on track to somewhere only to pull an e-brake and did a 180 turn to another direction in life.

Now, towards almost the end of my 20s. I am going somewhere but nowhere at the same time. This is just so confusing to me when it gives me anxiety just thinking about it.

Now I can only hope, whichever the universe has prepared me for, is gonna be something positive. It has taught me enough about love, heartbreak, wisdom, pain, healing and starting over. Meeting people, watching them leave. These were life experiences that nothing can be traded for. However not many will remain unscathed, some just simply don't recover from it.

3 months till year 2020, may I suggest that year 2019 has been treating me well so far?

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Renew Road Tax

Haven't Blog in awhile already, was busy with many things. Slowly but surely moving together with the flow of life. 

I brought a new 2a Scooter somewhere in March 2019, the model is Yamaha Xmax300 (there is bike group for it also!). Anyways, the purchase was from Mah Pte Ltd under the recommendations from a friend who also purchased his Xmax with them. No comments on the service or after service, I just went down and made the necessary payments and that's all.  

Well, it is almost 6 months since I owned the bike, and I had to do the renewal of road tax...kua kua kua...

Nowadays, everything also digital. I did not even receive any letter reminder which I usually get till I was browsing my SMS inbox (who even uses SMS nowadays?) and realized I had a message indicating there were 2 electronic letters form LTA! 

I wonder how the seniors or less tech-savvy people are gonna react to this new paperless system. Since we are already in the digital era, I decided to renew my road tax online. No longer do I have to go down the office and show them the documents, even insurance can be purchased online. 
You can visit this Link to check your vehicle road tax details, the expiry etc.

Next, go on ONEMOTORING and you can renew your road tax!
So easy!

Once the payments have been made, a email will be sent to you together with a PDF of your receipt. 

Hope to update this space more often. I wonder.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

What Could Have Been

After all that have been said and done, there are many things as humans we have many things that are beyond our control. We can't predict when shit starts hitting the roof. All we can do is just watch helplessly when things unfold in front our eyes. At my current stage, i had what most basic humans have, a roof over my head, a career, graduating in another 1 and half years and friends who are concerned about my general wellbeing. What more can i ask for? 人是犯贱的 constantly seeking for more and never contended with what with have.

I do not like disclosing my personal issues online, i have grown out of it. Yet this platform's purpose is my personal ranting spot. Sharing my adventures and my growth as a person since i was 16. Struggles of just another human on this Earth. Social media had been a very toxic experience for me, it makes me yearn for the seemingly perfect life others have. It lowered my self-esteem as a person. Slowly but surely we move on, to newer pastures of life.

And this is me declaring that i would not let this small setback of my life to affect me anymore.

Goodbye to the love i have lost.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

BBDC Class 2 Journey Part 4 (The End)

Seemingly from the title of the post, most would have known the answer by now that it's either I pass or I have failed and simply given up. I had to take 2 compulsory revision practicals before I am able to make any booking. So I just randomly picking out any dates, but I gave myself a week's distance between each revisions. 

It was a little depressing for me knowing that bumpy was the one that bump me off from passing my previous attempt at getting my license. So every single session I went, I spent most of the time repeating e-brake and bumpy. No matter how I tried, I just cannot meet the required timings. The posture and everything just wasn't correct for me. 

The instructors were really patient and kind and kept encouraging me and pointing out where I can do better or where my mistakes are at. I had to thank instructor Eddy for going the extra mile by going through bumpy with me on a single bike to let me have a 'feel' on how bumpy course feels like. It's quite thrilling for me, imagine 2 grown adults standing on the bike! Felt like a stunt women performing :x But alas, it work!

On April 5th 2018, Thursday. I went to get myself tested again. I gotten tag number 12. Previous number I got was tag number 5. In total, there were 26 people. Just class 2 alone already have 16, the remaining are class 2a's. They number according to nationality, followed by the age. So if you are a foreigner, your number would be right at the front. 

Interestingly, the BBDC instructor that oversee's that test that day was Shirley's husband. I was trying hard to not get noticed as I do not want anyone to know I was taking class 2. Oh yea, as we have 16 people taking class 2,  BBDC only have 14 bikes available for us. So the first 1 and 2 have to share with 15 and 16. Alternating with each other to warm up and test. 

I can't really remembered much on how I did, but there were 2 immediate failures. Both were taking class 2 and are ladies. Class 2a everyone pass. Guess who is the lucky girl that day :p 
It gives a difficult feeling inside me seeing the lady not being able to lift up the bike. Each time she is trying to lift the bike up, I'm also mentally wishing her the best. There was one point she almost did it, but she decided she can't do it anymore. The testers were nice by giving her time to breathe and try again and again. Until a point the tester said to her, "I give you one last chance, there are others who are taking the test as well". She tried. Staring at her defeated face, gives me a sense of dread, what if I can't? #FML.

Anyways....I pass with 18 points and zero Immediate Failures. I lost my result slip ._. But that's not the important point anyway.

Alright bye~

I no longer have to go back BBDC anymore!

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Finding Life

In another few days, it would be the 4th Month of year 2018. Every single day, little by little, our time just ticks away slowly. Have you got the job you wanted? Visited the place you wanted? Or even settling down with the one you wanted and built a new life together? Or are you still struggling to find a foothold in this mess, that you call 'Life'.

One day, we would ceased to exist and become dead longer while we were alive. Why do we still wasting time, constantly dwelling on unhappiness, not moving on from the past?

Year 2018, I am 26.
I have not found my path yet.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

BBDC Class 2 Journey Part 3

I know that the last post I did was in November. Currently it is already towards the end of March already. I had done my TP on the 1st March, but unfortunately my engine stalled at bumpy. That resulted in me falling off course and that was an immediate failure.

The waiting time is no longer 2 weeks, but a month later. In the past, the waiting time was 2 to 3 months? I wasn't really as enthusiastic as before, this is the last class of the motorcycle license to qualify to ride any CC of motorcycle in Singapore. But yup, am still commuting around in my 200cc scooter. Which could really explains how I feel inside. The COE is a ridiculous phenomenon in Singapore, paying SGD$8000 just for a piece of paper that entitles you to ride for 10 years. Imagine that ._. How much money do the government want to milk from us?

 Anyways, hopefully the upcoming test I can pass it. It is expensive to re-test as it is compulsory to attend 2 more revisions. My pocket burns a huge hole even before I buy a new bike :x

Monday, November 27, 2017

BBDC Class 2 Journey Part 2

23rd November 2017, Thursday. Did my second practical, lesson 2.01. The main focus on 2.01 is to memorize the test route, figure 8, crank course, e-brake and bumpy course. Could it be that I was destined to be a wet rider? Because this was the 2nd lesson I went and got drench by sudden downpour. I wasn’t confident enough for figure 8 as I suck at doing cornering but my timing was 9 sec. Class 2 have to complete figure 8 within 11 seconds. Nothing is perfect, when exiting I tends to do a wide turning. At e-brake, I fish-tailed ._. Oh wells, thankfully I did not fall. As for bumpy, class 2 requires more than 8 seconds. I only managed to maintain at 7.9 seconds. So yup, lesson 2.01 had to be repeated again.